Coconut water is the clear liquid inside the fresh green coconut

Coconut  water is a popular summer drink. It is deliciously sweet having a mild nutty flavor. It contains many nutrients like vitamins and minerals which can boost your immunity and health. In fact, it is called “living water” as it contains the living tissue of the coconut palm and is proved to be a healer and rejuvenator.

Here are 12 health benefits of coconut water:

Helps to maintain blood pressure

The potassium present  in coconut water counteracts the blood effects of sodium which tend to increase the blood pressure, thus  maintaining  the blood pressure.

2) Beneficial for a healthy Heart

It is a heart-healthy drink and can prevent stroke and heart disease. It contains potassium which counteracts the effects of sodium and curbs the rise in blood pressure thus reducing the concentration of total cholesterol.

3) Fights kidney stones

The accumulation of crystals in the kidney leads to kidney stones. Having coconut water regularly does not allow the deposition of crystals in the kidney, thus preventing kidney stones

Helps to lower blood sugar levels in  diabetes

It can help lower blood sugar levels by decreasing the sensitivity to insulin in people who have diabetes and prediabetes.

5) Most Refreshing and rehydrating drink post exercise

Fresh coconut water is a thirst quencher and a refreshing drink. It has more potassium than many sports drinks. Thus, it is widely gaining popularity as a healthy  alternative to sports drinks and post workout drinks. This liquid has the amazing capacity to replenish the electrolytes lost along with sweat during exercise

6) Can be used to support weight loss

Coconut water can be used effectively for weight loss. It is low in calories and light on the stomach. It also contains bio-active enzymes that aid digestion and boost metabolism. It gives a feeling of fullness, thus curbing hunger and resulting in weight loss.

7)It balances pH levels in the body

The presence of toxins in the environment causes our body pH levels to become highly acidic which is the cause of  many illnesses. Drinking coconut water has an alkalizing effect on the body that restores a healthy pH level in the body.

8)Maintains bone and teeth health

Who has not suffered an unbearable toothache in their life? Coconut water can help us prevent it to some extent ( not to be used as an alternative to maintaining good oral hygiene). It contains calcium and magnesium which  are needed by your bones and teeth for repair.

9) Loaded with antioxidants

 Coconut water is abundant in antioxidants that are known to help fight free radicals. If left unchecked these may lead to oxidative stress resulting in many chronic disease.

10) Can cure hangover

Coconut water is highly beneficial to cure hangovers that are caused by excessive intake of alcohol. It is hydrating and replenishes the water lost by urination and vomiting.

11) Helps to fight depression

Coconut water has proven to fight the symptoms of depression like loss of interest, as it has magnesium which helps in uplifting the mood and improve mental state.

12) Treats digestive ailments

It works great in the  treatment of, gastroenteritis, acid reflux, and indigestion

 Coconut water is indeed the super food which is worth giving a try.

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